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Roger Quest is Myanmar Service company, employing a range of multirecruitment services – including online job platform Jobless.com.mm, Executive Search, unique in Myanmar online assessment and the largest job platform Alliance and Affiliate in Myanmar named Jobless Media Partnership Alliance and Jobless Affliate Program.


Roger Quest began out of the desire to contribute to newly creating democratization process initiated by new government in 2012.

Jobs are a cornerstone of development, especially in new developing countries, Myanmar being no exception. Jobs are critical for reducing poverty, making cities work, and providing youth with alternatives for life.


We have clearly realized the need and huge opportunity for job mediating and job searching solutions at the market of 53 millions people right after political and economical changes. There is a great opportunity gap that fills a void left by “old style” recruitment and headhunting styles. Large informal and vulnerable employment and overemployment desperately needs reorientation of macroeconomic policies towards full, productive and decent employment along with structural changes.


The Company has an experienced and passionate team of professionals with extensive expertise and know-how in both Internet and HR industry. In addition, the Company has straighten its manpower and technology capacity by hiring professionals who were previously involved in recruitment business in top Myanmar recruitment company and online software solution


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Roger Quest International (RQI) provides you with high-impact creative messages to target the right candidates. RQI partner with Myanmar's largest media houses, thus allowing you to get your BRAND in front of the single largest source of candidates in Myanmar. We do generate almost 1 milion visits per moths with quarter of a million unique visitors per month as well as 6?6 millions Facebook fans together. You can choose any of a different advertising opprtunity to boost your brand vs clearly targeted audience. we have a number of different options:

Roger Quest websites

Excusive Main Home Page Baner view sample

Stake your national claim as the leading employer in Myanmar by positioning your brand in front of the most relevant jobseekers.

- Own a national classification with 1 month rent (80% share of voice).
- Always be in the top spot – be the most visible first thing candidates see.
- Available to corporate advertisers with large and national brands.


Jobless Media Partnership Alliance (JMPA)

Unique Job Recruitment Media Alliance view sample 

Target the Right Candidates and pinpoint your next hire with Jobless Media Partners job sites. One of the biggest Myanmar local media houses will help you to boost your 


FM Radio Programs partnership

We do co operate with two national radios Mandalay FM and City FM for recruitment content with weekly programs.
Call us to agree on the next program including your job offers and branding.


Roger Quest Industry Newsletters

Great tool to present your company brand or job offers to more than 70 000 registered users
Jobless distributes a daily newsletter to more than 35 000 individual subscribers. Newsletter contains daily job offers according jobseekers filters.  view sample
At the same time we distribute weekly newsletter to 70 000 subscribers with a special offers incl. Logos and company description. The best way of company branding plus introducing company products or services. view sample


Jobless Lucky Wheel Research & Promotion Tool

Interested to get thousands of a new customers e -mails and telephones? Do you like to learn something about your brand , product or services? Use our unique Jobless Lucky Wheel for their reasearches & advertising purposes. No need to hire dozens of people on the street to make a research. You get thousands of answers to your questions online. All data and statistics are done immediately, no paperwork. Registrations and coordinates of the clients are included to the offer. 
We can even sell you the whole solution and you can start making money NOW! view sample

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+ 09770907794


Best online recruitment advertising rates on Myanmar market

About Us

Roger Quest Websites

  Sizes (Pixels) Per Week Per Month
ENG main banner   $ 200 $ 700
MYA main banner   $ 300 $ 1 000
Dual Pack   $ 400 $ 1 500
ENG Right Site Top   $ 45 $ 150
MYA Right side top   $ 55 $ 190
Dual Pack   $ 80 $ 300
ENG Right side below top   $ 40 $ 130
MYA Right side below top   $ 50 $ 170
Dual Pack   $ 70 $ 270
ENGMiddle Banners (Top Jobs)   $ 65 $ 200
MYA Middle Banners (Top Jobs)   $ 85 $ 250
Dual Pack   $ 120 $ 400
 ENG Banner in Jobs (max. 5/week )   $ 50 $ 200
 MYA Banner in Jobs (max. 5/week )   $ 50 $ 200
Dual Pack   $ 90 $ 360

Jobless Media Parnership Alliance

All sites Sizes (Pixels) Per Week Per Month
 Right side top   70 220
 Right side below top   60 190
Middle Banners (Top Jobs)   60 190
 Banner in Jobs (max. 5/week )   60 190

Company LOGOs
Company LOGOs on the front page and Jobless Media Partnership Alliance pages


one week

one month

3 months

English version

$ 40

$ 180

$ 500

Myanmar version

$ 50

$ 200

$ 700

Dual package (Enl+Mya)

$ 80

$ 300

$ 1000

All Alliance


$ 400

$ 1500

Roger Quest Newsletters

  1x one week one month
English version  $ 40 $ 180 $ 500
Myanmar version $ 50 $ 200 $ 700
Dual package (Enl+Mya) $ 80 $ 300 $ 1000
Weekly Newsletter $ 100 $ 100 $ 300

Jobless lucky Wheel

Every company can rent the Lucky Wheel for their advertising purposes. Especially good for running registrations or researches.

  1 month 3 moths half year
Jobless Websites  $ 1 500 $ 4000 $ 7 000
Jobless Alliance $ 2 000 $ 5000 $ 9 000
Renting the wheel $ 2 000 $ 5000 $ 9 000
Mobile application sale $ 10 000    
Desktop Application sale $ 10 000    

Jobless/JobsInYangon FB Account

Reaching over 6,6 mil. Fans on Jobless Media Partnership Alliance 

All sites (xy x zz)   Size pixels
Face time (FT) text $ 500
FT + picture (p) $ 1000
FT+p  1 week pin up $ 2000
Face Time Boosting $ 2000



Find the appropriate branding for your clients

Finding a job is quite essential for everybody around the globe and Myanmar is no exception. Jobseekers can search for a job or build his/her CV on our partners websites. Employers can buy recruitments services on many partners sites,too.



If you want to know more, please contact us


MMG Tower, 11th Floor, Room Number 1104 Botahtaung Township


+ 09770907794

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